Orthodontic Tips November 28, 2011

My consultant told me to make my practice fun and to reflect the real me.

But, who am I?

Or more to the point which aspect of me relates to my orthodontic practice?

The aspect that I choose is my obsession with health. There is a strong link between health of the body and health of the mouth.

I’m going to take that obsession with health to my office and make it fun! Drop in and check it out. Continue reading

Orthodontic Tips November 21, 2011

Have you ever wondered if you moved too soon?

How about too late!

I met two sisters last week for an orthodontic consultation. They were fraternal twins. One of them came to me too late.

She had two impacted permanent cuspid teeth. One was locked in the palate behind the roots of the permanent lateral incisor. The other was just stalled at the apex of the primary cuspid and its root extended up into the maxillary sinus. Why did this happen? Continue reading

Orthodontic Tips November 9, 2011

Orthodontic Tips November 9, 2011

What do you do when a perfect occlusion slips into an end to end bite?

Eight months ago patient’s mother scheduled an appointment for her son whose braces had been removed for about one year and a half.

Sure enough his bite was end to end instead of the perfect that he had when I removed the braces. He experienced a greater than normal late growth spurt of the mandible. Continue reading

Orthodontic Tips November 1, 2011

We Are Appreciated.

When the patient entered the clinic, a shy smile crossed her lips.

What was up with the smile?

The patient with the smile was happy with my work.

Often we get so caught up with the technical aspects of what we do, we forget that the dentistry and orthodontics we provide is elective care. And, our patients chose to have it Continue reading