Orthodontic Tips February 27, 2012

“Stay on the leading edge.”

This has always been my motto.

I have been instrumental in some orthodontic advances personally. My perspective on intra-oral volume and the way that teeth can affect breathing is respected at the University of Toronto where I teach the sleep apnea module to the Orthodontic Grad students. In addition, a letter of mine was published on this subject in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dento-Facial Orthopedics.
Also, I have developed a unique TMJ splint therapy, which takes conservative treatment of jaw problems further along to provide improved care. Continue reading

Orthodontic Tips February 1, 2012

Orthodontic Tips February 1, 2012

Are you moving?

Your teeth do!

Throughout your life your teeth will shift and move in response to the balance of forces in the mouth. This becomes an issue for people in their thirties and forties when problems that they could ignore earlier in life now are more pressing. The reason for this for some people in middle age, is their periodontal support is no longer strong enough to resist mouth habits. Tooth shifting is the result. Continue reading