Orthodontic Tips August 26, 2014

Orthodontic Tips August 26, 2014

Deep bites are a life-long problem.

And, these problems get worse with each passing year.

Send this patient for orthodontic treatment before the deep bite causes an irreversible situation.

This picture is from a 41 year old male. His issues range from periodontal bone loss from the crowding; bruxing and clenching issues and TMJ problems from the deep bite; to sleep apnea from the reduced intra-oral volume caused by the lingually tipped teeth and the deep Continue reading

Orthodontic Tips August 7, 2014

Tooth brushing pic

Tooth brushing with braces is difficult!

Push the bristles under the wire.

Plaque hides under the wire and around the braces. So the only way to get the plaque out is to push the bristles of the tooth brush under the wire. In order to do that the brush needs to lie flat on the labial surface of the teeth before you push the bristles under the wire.

Access this first from the occlusal, and then flip the brush over and access under the wire from the gingival. Both access points are necessary to really get the teeth clean. Continue reading