Waese Orthodontics Newsletters

\”Walk a mile in my shoes.\”

Four weeks ago I became an Invisalign patient!

I’ve been using Invisalign for my patients since the product was introduced. Many of the cases worked great. Some did not. On the whole I was very happy with the product. Now I am thrilled with it.

I’ve worn braces twice in the past so I know what\’s going on from a personal basis. Here is what I found out by wearing the product myself.

  • 1 There is about 1/3 of the pain and discomfort of orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. The initial tightening is only slightly annoying. There is no irritation from braces on my lips or tongue!
  • 2 I can eat with the Invisalign aligners in my mouth, even hard things like nuts. This fact makes it easier to get the required 20 – 22 hours of wear each day.
  • 3 I keep a long piece of dental floss in the Invisalign case so that after a meal I can floss my teeth and replace the aligners immediately to maintain the required hours of wear.
  • 4 I change to the next aligner at nighttime when I go to sleep. New aligners are difficult to remove initially. By the time morning comes, the new aligners are easier to remove.
  • 5 After a week the aligners need to be brushed with toothpaste to reduce odour.

When I show my patients my \”invisible braces\” they are impressed for many reasons. But the Invisalign patients are thrilled that I\’m using the same product that I recommended for them.

I never would have know these things if I didn\’t wear them myself. Now I\’m walking in their shoes and I feel great about it.

Dr. Stan Waese