Ortho Tips June 24 2013

Orthodontic Tips June 24 2013.
Welcome to you all. I haven’t “Blogged” in quite a while. My wife Linda went through 6 chemo treatments for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and that was very stressful for both of us.
The Doctors have “promised” us a cure so we are very optimistic and excited to enjoy the summer break with our family.
I’m getting my energy back to do the extra things that make orthodontics my vocation. More hours at the office and less hours taking Linda to Sunnybrook is one of those things. Blogging is another.
Here’s my tip for this week. I saw a lingual bonded retainer in the Ortho journal that allows you to floss between the teeth! In the interproximal area, the wire loops gingivally to allow floss to go through right to the gingiva between the teeth.
So I’m using that design from now on.
Have a great week.

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