Ortho Tips June 6, 2011

Ortho Tips June 6, 2011

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

…Robert Frost

There are several areas in my practice that are a little outside the normal orthodontic thoroughfare.

Autistic children come to my office for care.

Last week I began my fifth case. This patient is a 13 year old boy who was referred by Dr. Ira Kirshen who works with children who have mental disabilities in Richmond Hill. Although I need to follow a special protocol for these patients, the rewards that I get far exceeds the extra work. I even got a hug after I put braces on his teeth.

Difficult TMD cases come to my office for care.

Over the years I have developed several different approaches for TMJ care. Today I adjusted a pair of upper and lower TMJ splints for a patient who suffers from mild sleep apnea and bruxing. His splints are very different from the upper and lower TMJ splints that I place for patients who are bruxers without breathing problems. Then again, I use a different design for those patients who are not serious bruxers but suffer TMD symptoms none the less.

Sleep apnea patients come to me for care.

I got a referral from Dr. Claudio Tocchio last week for a gentleman in his early fifties who is desperate for upper and lower jaw advancement to cure his sleep apnea. He cannot tolerate the CPAP machine and the mouth appliance is making his lower incisors mobile. I know how unhappy his is because I have been in that position myself. I’ll put his braces on this week to prepare him for jaw surgery Christmas time. I’ll make a mouth appliance he can wear with the braces to keep his lower jaw forward so he can breathe until he has the jaw surgery.

These patients make me feel special. Thanks for that.

Have a great week.


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