Ortho Tips March 12, 2011

Ortho Tips March 12, 2011

A page of words is worth a thousand pictures!

That’s not what we usually hear, but I think it’s true.

I just finished writing a University of Toronto Radiology Department exam to qualify to own a 3D Cone Beam CT scanning machine. I took the two-day course in early January from the Radiology Department’s staff and it was excellent. They suggested that I buy the text book, which I did.

The text was a 600-page tome filled with pictures and words. It was a magical carpet ride back to my University days. After I got the book I was completely surprised at how enthusiastically I dove into studying the material. Even after a long day of working at the office, the studying was like stepping into a time machine back to my undergraduate days.

It was a good thing that I studied well because the exam wasn’t easy. I’m quite sure I passed it, although I will admit that with pen in hand after the 2-½ hour mark, I was a bit weary.

Today is the day after the exam and I have been feeling the wonderful thrill of post-exam elation that has been missing from my life for many years. I picked up my National Post newspaper and sat down to enjoy the section on books. I was reading from the front page of the book section. It was a complete section of text, no pictures at all. The page of text was a little daunting considering that our intellectual life is filled with so many pictures. Thankfully my weeks of studying gave me the encouragement to read the full page and I was treated to a panoply of pictures from the text so wonderful that I felt that I experienced everything that the author experienced. In full colour too.

Then the thought occurred to me that if I had seen a picture book, or a movie of exactly what I just read, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much. I really had so many images in my mind from that page of text that a picture book of the same event would have been much larger than that 600-page Radiology text that I had been studying from for the past month and a half.

A page of text can be worth a thousand pictures.

Have a great week.

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