Orthodontic Tips April 25, 2011

Orthodontic Tips April 25, 2011

Beware of ankle biters!

Although kids look cute, they are filled with surprises.

Last Monday I went to Cresthaven Public School to teach Oral Hygiene. This event has been sponsored annually by Toronto East Dental Society and the Rotary Club of America for Dental Health Month.

How hard could it be for someone who has taught at a graduate level to teach little kids? Besides, my wife who is a teacher gave me some advice. “Don’t talk over the kids” she said. “If they are noisy just stop talking and wait for them to be quiet.”

I stood at the front of the gym while the students filed in. I stretched out my arms to show where I wanted the students to sit in order to reserve an area at the front. The Kindergarten kids came in first and sat around me thinking I was an albatross and this was part of the presentation. The teachers weren’t much better as they sat down with the kids. It took a lot of pleading to guide them into the proper area.

After I was introduced by the principal I moved to the front of the gym start my talk. Very soon the noise level started to go up. Confidently, I stopped talking to quiet the room. After about 30 seconds of standing silently I was rescued by the principal who probably thought I was struck dumb. She quieted the gymnasium down quickly by shouting at them. My wife’s advice apparently was useless.

I wanted to use “concrete materials” in addition to my slides to enhance my talk. I decided to use volunteers to come to the front to represent teeth. I put little kids in front for incisors and bigger kids behind for molars. Then we put coloured streamers around their necks to represent candy, cake and plaque.

That’s when the teeth started to move. My orthodontic skills at lining things up deserted me.

When it came time for the giant toothbrush to clean the streamers off the teeth, one of the little kids hid. He wanted to keep his streamers.

The principal asked me to return next year. I guess last year’s dentist wouldn’t come back. It wasn’t so bad. Really, I had a good time.

Have a great week.


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