Orthodontic Tips April 27, 2015

Are there dental indicators of a Skeletal Class III malocclusion that requires Orthognathic Surgery?


Here is a short list that you can use.


If the lower incisors are tipped lingually, that is a sign of “dental compensation” and Orthognathic Surgery will probably be the best choice for care.

If the lower dental midline is off to one side, that is a sign of asymmetry and Orthognathic Surgery will again be the best choice for care. Notice in this picture, not only is the lower dental midline 5mm to the left but the lower incisors are tipped to the right.

This case requires braces and Orthognathic Surgery for a stable result.

Braces will be placed on the upper and lower teeth to “decompensate” them. This will initially make the occlusion appear worse. Then the lower jaw will have a bilateral sagittal split osteotomy to move it back. The movement will be larger on the right side to match the dental midlines. The entire orthodontic/surgical care should be completed in 18 months.


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