Orthodontic Tips April 3, 2014

Peg Lateral Incisor

Peg Lateral incisors!

When I am doing the orthodontics for a case like this one, I like to have the peg lateral incisor temporarily bonded before the braces go on.

Then, I can be sure that I will please the restorative operator in the final positioning of the tooth for its permanent restoration.

Here is what I am looking for in the temporary bonding procedure.
1. The orthodontic care will position the gingival margin of the peg tooth appropriately to line up properly with the central and cuspid. So, please extend the length of the peg tooth to match the rest of the teeth when its gingival margin is correctly positioned.
2. Please extend the mesial and distal of the peg tooth to reserve your space for the final restoration. In that way, I can close all of the spaces during the orthodontic phase.
3. Finally, plan an appropriate emergence profile to create a proper gingival papilla on the mesial and distal. This will involve creating the proper mesial and distal contact point to match the central and cuspid.


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