Orthodontic Tips April 8, 2011

Orthodontic Tips April 8, 2011

Our response to anger and happiness is learned. We learn it at our parent’s knee.

Sometimes, however, we need to change how we respond to anger and happiness.

This week I was trying to coordinate appointments for a bone graft to improve an implant site. There was a “disconnect” between two professionals that was preventing anything moving forward. The problem was an angry response on one of the professionals’ part. All progress had stopped. The details aren’t important, but I was fascinated because I had been guilty of a similar response earlier in my career.

When I was a child I learned a bad habit from my father. I thought it was right to show anger – because he did it. So, early in my career, when I got angry I’d let it show. However, I was never happy about it because I never got good results.

About 15 years ago I decided to change my response to angry feelings. Now when I’m angry, if I can’t control my response, I just walk away and let my staff handle the situation. They always do a fantastic job. Amazing!

My hope is that this professional will “suspend” his anger and let his staff work out the details to let me arrange for the graft.

The response to happiness is also learned.

If someone gave me a compliment, or something really good happened to me, I learned from my parents to temper any good feelings because “maybe something bad might happen in the future” or maybe I didn’t really deserve to feel good.

That’s silly isn’t it? I think so. Now I accept compliments as graciously as I can.

This week a parent told me he was amazed that his son’s “crossbite” fixed so quickly. I just beamed and let the good feelings wash over my body.

Try these two tricks for yourself. If you are angry, let your staff take care of the situation. If you are happy, accept the “props” as your due.

Have a great week.


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