Orthodontic Tips Aug 12, 2013

Orthodontic Tips Aug 12, 2013
I’ve started to use a new self- ligating bracket called Prodigy from Ormco.
I changed from Speed to Nexus and now to Prodigy trying to find the best fit for my practice. I also use Damon self-ligating as well on the cases that use CAD CAM technology.

The new brackets combined with the new Copper NiTi wires have revolutionized orthodontic treatment.
The benefit comes from utilizing sliding mechanics with early torque control.
I’m sure you are wondering about the significance of that. Let me tell you. As you know the roots of the teeth sit in cancellous bone Prodigy between two cortical plates of bone. The cortical plates are very hard while the cancellous bone is softer.
Early torque control means that I keep the roots of the teeth in the cancellous bone during space closure and alignment. That speeds up the treatment time a great deal. Without early torque control the roots of the teeth bump up against the cortical plates and movement slows down. It also prevents “round tripping” which means tipping the upper front teeth lingually and then correcting the lingual tipping with additional torque at the end of treatment.

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