Orthodontic Tips August 17, 2011

Brushing with Braces.

How soon do I teach how to brush with braces?

As soon as possible!

Today I put braces on for a 12 year old girl. She was very sweet and her teeth were very dirty.

In fact, there were already white marks on the teeth from poor brushing and the braces were still in the box!

As soon as the braces were placed I reviewed my four steps for brushing with braces.
1. Brush the braces from above and below with the bristles pointed into the braces.
2. Brush hard enough to shake your head.
3. Brush for 4 seconds each, from above and below.
4. Measure the mouth in sections the width of the brush so nothing is left out.

I had to show her 10 times before she could remember the four steps. I hope she is successful.

Have a great week.


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