Orthodontic Tips August 31, 2011

Tight lips and cheeks can be managed.

For some unknown reason some people suck their lips and tongue.
This habit results in severely crowded teeth. Notice in this picture that both the posterior and anterior teeth are tipped lingually toward the tongue.
If any teeth are extracted, the dentition will cave in and the be ruined.
The correct treatment for this problem is to hold the cheeks and lips away from the teeth and let the natural action of the tongue push the teeth forward and laterally towards the lips and cheeks.
I use upper and lower lip bumpers to treat this kind of malocclusion. That is what I did for this 9 year old.

Here is a similar case that I treated with lips bumpers at the age 7. I followed up with braces at age 11. The case was treated non-extraction. The retention was bonded lingual wires behind the anterior teeth and night time Essex retainers to deal with the bruxing and sucking habits.

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