Orthodontic Tips August 7, 2014

Tooth brushing pic

Tooth brushing with braces is difficult!

Push the bristles under the wire.

Plaque hides under the wire and around the braces. So the only way to get the plaque out is to push the bristles of the tooth brush under the wire. In order to do that the brush needs to lie flat on the labial surface of the teeth before you push the bristles under the wire.

Access this first from the occlusal, and then flip the brush over and access under the wire from the gingival. Both access points are necessary to really get the teeth clean.

I attempt to motivate the patients by showing them a picture of a patient with extensive white marks left on the teeth after the braces have been removed. I also point out that the bacteria in the plaque eat nutrients every time the patient eats. But, unfortunately the bacteria can’t eliminate the waste into the toilet; they do it right in the mouth! I try to make it a funny story even though I’ll never make to it “Saturday Night Live”.


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