Orthodontic Tips December 9, 2014

Should it be crown lengthening or orthodontic intrusion?

Compare the gingival margin, the incisal edges and the length of the crown of adjacent teeth to decide.


This patient had a long standing malocclusion with crowding and a deep bite. Also, he was a bruxer. If you check the before picture you will see that the tooth 11 not only has lost 1.5mm off the incisal edge; but also, the tooth has over-erupted.

The over-eruption of tooth 11 is diagnosed by the fact that the gingival margin of tooth 11 is more incisal than the gingival margin of tooth 21.
This case is currently in treatment. In the progress picture you can see that the gingival margin of both incisors is level from one tooth to the other. If you look closely you will also see that 1.5mm of tooth coloured acrylic has been added to the incisal edge of the 11 to replace the dental material that was lost from the bruxing habit.

After orthodontic care is completed, this patient’s dentist will restore the 11 properly to the correct dental proportions.

Crown lengthening will not be necessary in this case.

On another topic, my buddy Dr. Jim Hyland is giving a periodontal webinar on December 18, called “Stop The Bleeding”. I’ve attended one of his live presentations and fount it enlightening. Here is the link for more information:



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