Orthodontic tips February 15, 2011

Orthodontic tips February 15, 2011
I was signing an “After braces have been removed” letter that shows before and after smiles. OK, I’m proud of my work but this case impressed me.
The case was initially a bimaxillary protrusion with mild crowding. The parents were concerned about the crowding when they came for the initial consultation. When I met the child, I was concerned that she could not close her lips at rest.
The dilemma was “why can’t you fix the mild crowding without taking out adult teeth”. I was successful explaining to the family that their daughter couldn’t close her lips and if I treated her without extracting teeth, the problem would be worse. I explained that we could extract teeth further back in the mouth so that the smile would still be full and beautiful. And that is what we did!
The rest was history and the results even impressed me.
Have a great week.

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