Orthodontic Tips February 27, 2012

“Stay on the leading edge.”

This has always been my motto.

I have been instrumental in some orthodontic advances personally. My perspective on intra-oral volume and the way that teeth can affect breathing is respected at the University of Toronto where I teach the sleep apnea module to the Orthodontic Grad students. In addition, a letter of mine was published on this subject in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dento-Facial Orthopedics.
Also, I have developed a unique TMJ splint therapy, which takes conservative treatment of jaw problems further along to provide improved care.

However, the latest advance that I am incorporating into my practice is not my own. It is computer-aided placement of braces on the teeth.

Ormco, which is the largest of the companies that supply braces, has developed a CAD program for ideal placement of braces on the teeth. It is called “Insignia”. The program allows the orthodontist to first correct the patient’s malocclusion on a computer and then Insignia places braces on the teeth to facilitate the ideal result.
This will result in better and faster treatment for the patient. I’m very excited about this new step.

Let’s build a short exercise routine to get you started in the morning.

First, get the “sleepy stuff” out with a basic Sun Rise Salutation that I’ve talked about before. (You can Google Sun Rise Salutation for a review).

Then redo the Sun Rise Salutation with a little more style now that your heart is beating a little faster.

Next, try a “Flip the Dog” move to provide a mild cardio movement while you are completing your wake up. Here is a link for instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXzUZc6auNw

Do this three times on each side. Say a prayer for a great day and get dressed for breakfast.

I’ll add additional moves to create a 10-minute routine that will really get you started for the day. However, just these two items will create a big impact.

Diet tips are repetitive because there really is only one diet that will get you to a ripe old age. (See Dr. Oz and Oprah for the full “Monty”)

What we need to do is change our mind set and thought patterns. If we can grasp the skin above our waist and find a thickness more than 1 ½”, we need to challenge what we are doing now. If your mid body bulge is bigger than this, stop fooling yourself!

Pick one “white sugar” or “white flour” item that you eat daily and replace it with a vegetable or fruit. That’s the tip for today. Period!

Create the Intention to be useful.

I’ve talked about using “Intention” to create ripples that affect the world around you. Today let’s create an intention to be useful. This will increase our self-esteem and confirm that we are here for a purpose.

While doing your morning Sun Rise Salutation, ask your special spiritual guide to allow you to be useful. That’s it! Trust me it works. You will find that the world will line up to give you opportunities to be useful.

Have a great week.


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