Orthodontic tips February 28, 2011

Orthodontic tips February 28, 2011
Many of us believe that our best patient care creates patient loyalty and referrals. I agree.

This week I have been hiring a new dental assistant to help with an increase in busyness. One interview question I asked the dental assistant candidates was “how can you influence practice busyness in my practice”. The good ones said that “if they do their job well, the patients would be impressed and refer others. “

I do believe this to be true. Here is a story about that.

A patient returned to the practice after not returning calls for 3 years. Unknown to us, the dad was critically ill. It wasn’t any other reason. They did appreciate our service and care but just could come any earlier. The child was considerably grown up and the malocclusion in full “flower”. I was very happy to be able to pick up where we left off.

So, I believe that the interview candidates are correct. Good service and care does make a lasting impression.

To tell about the story a little more, the dad passed away and the family is carrying on. I’m looking forward to help as much as I can.

Have a great week.


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