Orthodontic Tips July 27, 2011

A camel for your thoughts.

I got my first camel today.
One family, who are patients of mine, comes from Kuwait. The father who brought his daughter to see me was about to return home for business.
“Can I bring you anything” he asked?
Jokingly I said “a camel”.
“I have camels” he said seriously. His daughter confirmed this with a nod of her head.
I got worried.
“I’m joking” I said quickly as I imagined a camel tied to the chain link fence surrounding my pool.
At their next appointment I received a 7 inch porcelain camel, beautifully painted sporting a riding blanket. I loved the humour of the situation.
A friendship clock, a bottle of wine, an electric picture frame and now a porcelain camel are all gifts of appreciation that I have received. They represent a touching overflow of human contact that needed physical expression.
Thanks for that. I believe they are little pieces of the people that gave them.
Have a great week.

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