Orthodontic Tips July 31, 2014

Low level laser2
I can hardly open my mouth!

This sounds like a closed lock TMJ dysfunction.

A new patient came to our office today with a closed lock TMJ dysfunction.
This problem is right in the “sweet spot” for my swing (to paraphrase baseball jargon).

Her problem was worse on the right side.

First we used our low level laser to break the spasm in her jaw muscles. My staff did the laser care to break muscle spasms on the Masseter muscles and the Temporalis muscles. Then she used it directly on the jaw joint, first closed and then opened. Then the staff person used the low level laser to support the lymphatic system on the submandibular lymph glands and the subclavicular lymph glands.

Then I used the low level laser intra-orally on the external pterygoid muscles. Even though we are just shining light on the muscles, if the muscle is in spasm there is a burning sensation during the exposure. I cautioned the patient that even though she didn’t feel anything at all during the previous exposure that there might be the burning sensation for the external pterygoids.

And there was!

By the time we finished with the laser the patient could open her mouth just fine. So we took an impression for a maxillary splint and we are “off to the races” so to speak.


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