Orthodontic Tips June 14, 2011

If you put a tooth where there is no bone, what happens?
The tooth falls out!
This basic concept has been lost by some of the people who move teeth.
I saw a new patient (32 years old) last week for a consultation to repair a lingual bonded wire that fell out. When I examined the patient this is what I saw on the labial of the lower incisors.

Gingival Recession

This patient had been treated when he was 14 years old. The orthodontist decided to treat non-extraction and use IPR to narrow the teeth to create space. Unfortunately he miscalculated and pushed the lower teeth forward out of the natural alveolar bone that holds the teeth. It took a while for the gingival recession to occur, but occur it did!
Thankfully there is a good solution to this problem. The extraction of this compromised lower incisor will create space to straighten the crowding that has reoccurred in the bicuspid region, followed with braces (or Invisalign) to align the teeth. This will create a stable and healthy result.
Have a great week.

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