Orthodontic Tips June 9, 2014

Orthodontic Tips June 9, 2014

I stand corrected.

This does work!

I attended a scientific meeting of the Ontario Association of Orthodontists at Niagara on the Lake this past weekend.

Two of the lectures were about accelerating orthodontic treatment. Two methods were presented.

One method, Wilcodontics, traumatizes the alveolar bone by raising gingival flaps throughout the mouth and scoring the alveolar bone. The increased bone metabolism accelerates orthodontic treatment by a factor of 2 or more. Of course it accelerates the fee by about $5000 since a surgeon or periodontist is needed to do the extensive surgical work. Surprisingly, pain is not an issue.

This can also be done locally using a puncture tool without raising a gingival flap to accelerate a section of the dental arch.

Cases were presented and I am now a believer even though I am not recommending the procedure. However, a treatment that normally would take 2 years was shortened to 10 months!

Also, I saw scientific evidence that the Acceledent appliance does work to shorten Invisalign treatment by 40%. I tried this appliance at the meeting and it is very easy and comfortable to use. It will also accelerate braces as well. The cost for the appliance is about $1000 above the cost of the Invisalign or Braces.

I mentioned these two methods several weeks ago and denigrated their application in orthodontics. I stand corrected. They do work. If a patient wants to invest financially in their use, they can be an advantage.
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