Orthodontic Tips March 18, 2014

This is a CT scan of a mandibular second molar. Notice the buccal shelf of bone. That is where I place a TAD to retract the mandibular teeth “en mass”. The molar teeth slide distally past the TAD as the lower teeth move back.
This is one of the exciting things that I do with orthodontic TAD’s.
Placement of the TAD’s is done with local anesthetic infiltration to numb the mucosa and periostium. Bone doesn’t have nerve fibers so a block in not necessary. If the TAD touches the root, the patient will let me know since the tooth is anesthetized. There is very little postoperative pain. The patient will brush the TAD to keep it clean and rinse with Listerine once a day. I can load the TAD immediately to start to move the teeth.
CT scan of Mandible  at lower 7

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