Orthodontic Tips March 22, 2011

Orthodontic Tips March 22, 2011
I’ve wanted to talk about tooth brushing for a long time, but I find it hard to say anything meaningful.
What can I say? I love it when my patients brush their teeth well. I hate it when my patients brush their teeth poorly.
I love to brush my teeth. Why don’t other people feel the same?
Oh, I know this is not an isolated issue. Take smoking. What’s up with that? How about over-eating? Aren’t both of these issues compensation for a lack of love, or maybe a need for comfort.
Is poor brushing because someone’s parents loved their brother or sister better? Do people avoid brushing their teeth because they feel inadequate? Are they just lazy?
There is no way I can add anything of value on this subject, except this.
The rep from Butler said that another orthodontist told her that 90% of his patients were poor brushers. Of the 25 people I saw today, only two were poor brushers and needed personal instruction. Alright, today was a good day, but my average is not far off this number.
What do I do differently? Well, I brush my patient’s teeth for them! If they score less than 3.5 out of 5, I show them how to brush their teeth right there in the chair, on their own teeth.
It takes an extra 5 minutes, which is a lot in my schedule; and frankly, it exhausts me. And, if I get two poor brushers in a row, I’m behind 10 minutes and I’m a wreck.
If you have any ideas please let me know and I’ll share them
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