Orthodontic Tips March 29, 2011

Orthodontic Tips March 29, 2011
Congenitally missing laterals is a perfect situation for an esthetic implant.
Except for one thing!
When you prepare the space at age 12 – 14 yrs. the roots of the adjacent teeth tip into the alveolar bone where you want to put the implant at 18-20yrs.
Many orthodontists have experienced this natural effect and had to replace braces on the teeth to prepare for the implant.
Lately I have had success with a night time Essex retainer that holds the teeth in a very rigid manner. The Essex retainer is adjusted like a maxillary splint. During the day the patient wears his orthodontic “flipper” with the denture tooth on it. At night the Essex appliance is worn to hold the teeth firmly.
Here is an example.

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