Orthodontic Tips March 6, 2014

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This is an anterior view of a 51 year old female who came for a consultation last week.

Her chief complaint was protruding teeth. We can see other issues as well: crowding, deep bite, tooth brush trauma. But the most significant issue is periodontal disease. Upon probing there were only minor bleeding points in the lower anterior. However, there has been bone loss and recession. This causes tipping forward of the posterior teeth and proclination of the incisors. We call that vertical collapse of the lower face height.

Orthodontics will help this person a great deal, but the first step is a consultation with a periodontist to document bone levels, provide initial periodontal care and provide follow-up during the orthodontic phase of care.
Here is a short article put out by Oasis discussions which talks about the coordination between Orthodontists and Periodontists.


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