Orthodontic Tips May 20, 2014

Orthodontic Tips May 20, 2014
Combined fast Ortho
Can Orthodontic treatment be sped up?

Yes it can.

If the patient is motivated and has the extra cash there are choices available to speed up orthodontic tooth movement.

AcceleDent is a vibration platform with claims of accelerated tooth movement. Their best evidence is testimonial. The science behind the product is based on mouse studies; however, the product seems incapable of causing harm (if not a slight headache).

Corticotomy has scientific evidence of increased orthodontic tooth movement. The procedure requires flap surgery and small holes drilled into the cortical plate of bone in the area of required tooth movement. The increased cell metabolism from the surgical trauma speeds up tooth movement by as much as two times.

In my practice I’ve discovered a way to speed up tooth movement. I bypass the hygienist and put the braces on myself. I do the adjustments myself and I take the braces off myself.

Not surprisingly, I don’t make many errors so the treatments go quite quickly.


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