Orthodontic Tips May 27, 2011

Orthodontic Tips May 27, 2011

Sally Fields summed it up when she accepted the academy award for best actress, when she said,

“You like me, you really like me!”

We all want to be loved and we seem to need that reassurance every day.

Does that carry over into dentistry and even into orthodontics? Yes it does.

The problem is that each one of us is different and has different needs. So how do we communicate successfully with our patients to show them “love” (in a professional way of course) to satisfy their diverse but personal need for dental care?

I don’t have the complete answer because it will be different for every patient. However I did get a pointer from Dr. Jim Hyland at the Toronto East Dental Society meeting we attended last week.

He told me to use “word pictures”.

The example he used was tooth brushing motivation. He told me to picture plaque to the patient like an apartment building. The organisms in this building dump their waste products out the window and the waste falls to the bottom which is the tooth. This “yuk” will ruin the tooth and gums and must be removed.

“Word pictures” can be used for any situation to try to communicate with our patients. The extra effort it takes for us to create these “word pictures” is what we have to do to show our patients that we care and “love” them because they need to be reminded anew every day.

Have a great week.


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