Orthodontic Tips November 1, 2011

We Are Appreciated.

When the patient entered the clinic, a shy smile crossed her lips.

What was up with the smile?

The patient with the smile was happy with my work.

Often we get so caught up with the technical aspects of what we do, we forget that the dentistry and orthodontics we provide is elective care. And, our patients chose to have it done.

About 10 years ago I had braces on my teeth to correct my bite which was distorted by a sleep apnea appliance. I could not bite my teeth together comfortably. My braces fixed the problem. But what I didn’t expect was the appreciation I felt for the care. It came from my heart.

Now every time I pick up my pliers, and every time you pick up your drill, know that the patient in the dental chair chose our care and is prepared to be very appreciative when it’s done.

I hope that brings a shy smile to your lips.
Have a great week.


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