Orthodontic Tips November 21, 2011

Have you ever wondered if you moved too soon?

How about too late!

I met two sisters last week for an orthodontic consultation. They were fraternal twins. One of them came to me too late.

She had two impacted permanent cuspid teeth. One was locked in the palate behind the roots of the permanent lateral incisor. The other was just stalled at the apex of the primary cuspid and its root extended up into the maxillary sinus. Why did this happen?

The maxillary primary cuspid teeth failed to resorb. They were in their normal place with full roots on them.

There is no “down side” to extracting primary cuspid teeth to let incisors align or to let the permanent cuspid teeth erupt. There might be spaces on either side of the laterals for a while but lots of kids look like that. However, if you move too late sometimes the permanent cuspid teeth become impacted.

If you need some moral support to extract the primary cuspids, make the orthodontic referral and I’ll be happy to write the extraction letter and take responsibility. We can both team up to save some patients a “nasty” surgical exposure.

(Send kids at 7 yrs. old for their first orthodontic consultation.)

Have a great week.


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