Orthodontic Tips November 28, 2011

My consultant told me to make my practice fun and to reflect the real me.

But, who am I?

Or more to the point which aspect of me relates to my orthodontic practice?

The aspect that I choose is my obsession with health. There is a strong link between health of the body and health of the mouth.

I’m going to take that obsession with health to my office and make it fun! Drop in and check it out.

That’s your ortho tip for this week. Have your office reflect who you are and make it fun!

Now here is my health thought for this week. I’m making it personal so take it any way you want to.

Did you know that I constantly analyze my diet and try to replace refined carbohydrates with complex carbs? White sugar is bad; whole potatoes are good. Candies are out; fruits are in. This affects the teeth and also body health for better insulin metabolism.

Here is one of my favourite exercise tips. I do a Yoga Sun Salutation in the morning when I get up before my morning exercise routine. I also do it as part of my “going to bed” Yoga stretches. You can Google “Yoga Sun Salutation” and start doing it tonight and tomorrow morning.

Here is a favourite mental health tip. While doing the night time “Sun Salutation” I release all of the day’s events to my guardian angels for the night. You can release your concerns to whomever you choose. I pretend those daily events are yesterday’s news.

Have a great week.


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