Orthodontic Tips November 9, 2011

Orthodontic Tips November 9, 2011

What do you do when a perfect occlusion slips into an end to end bite?

Eight months ago patient’s mother scheduled an appointment for her son whose braces had been removed for about one year and a half.

Sure enough his bite was end to end instead of the perfect that he had when I removed the braces. He experienced a greater than normal late growth spurt of the mandible.

I have seen this before. And, I have been successful in restoring the proper bite without putting braces back on the teeth.

First I bonded retention bumps of tooth coloured acrylic to the upper first molars and the lower first bicuspids. Then I made upper and lower Essex appliances for him with elastic hooks. I inserted the appliances with class lll elastics.

He wore the appliances full time for three months. By that time his teeth were back in the proper place. Then I asked him to continue to wear the appliances at night time because he was still growing.

Now eight months later everything continues to be fine. We will continue this care at night time until he finishes growing.

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