Orthodontic Tips October 6, 2015


How can we intrude an over-erupted second molar?

Bond both the buccal and lingual to avoid rolling the tooth buccally and exposing the palatal root.

This patient lost the 46 and the 17 over-erupted. There was insufficient space to place an implant to replace the 46.

I bonded the quadrant on the buccal and lingual to provide an equal vertical force on the 17 to intrude it. Otherwise the tooth would roll towards the side where the force was applied. I am holding the maxillary arch form with a thick Essex appliance worn at night time. The Essex appliance is adjusted like a maxillary splint on the occlusal surface. Also, it is relieved on the buccal and lingual to accommodate the braces.

I am expecting success and adequate space available for the dentist to place the 47 implant.


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